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At Fresh Harvest Farms, we're not just another supplier; we are your local source for the freshest, most vibrant farm-to-table microgreens available. Our dedication to quality and sustainability means every leaf and shoot is produced with care, ensuring you get only the best from farm to table.

Fresh Harvest Farms

Delivering Fresh Goodness to Your Plate

Microgreens are more than just an ingredient; they are a powerhouse of nutrition and flavor. At Fresh Harvest Farms, we cultivate a variety of microgreens, each selected for its unique taste and health benefits. From peppery arugula to sweet pea shoots, our selection is designed to elevate any dish. Make sure to keep an eye out on this area as we are ever-growing.

Where to Buy

Nutrition Depot, Cumming, GA
Nutrition Depot – Come in and Let's talk! (

Partner Restaurant
Montaluce Winery and Restaurant, Dahlonega, GA
Winery | Montaluce Winery & Restaurant | Dahlonega

Farmer's Markets

Dahlonega Farmer's Market, Dahlonega, GA

Dawsonville Farmers Market, Dawsonville, GA

Fresh Harvest Farms