Fresh Harvest Farms

Our Story

Fresh Harvest Farms was established in 2023 amidst the breathtaking landscapes of North Georgia's mountains. As a family-owned and operated vertical farm, we specialize in cultivating gourmet mushrooms and microgreens, driven by a passion for quality and sustainability. Since 2021, we've invested significantly in infrastructure, technology, and process optimization to facilitate year-round crop growth in an eco-conscious, clean environment.

Why Vertical Farming

Vertical farming isn't just a method; it's a commitment to excellence. By harnessing this innovative approach, we ensure every crop is cultivated in a controlled environment, guaranteeing unparalleled consistency and quality. We pride ourselves on using only the finest locally or regionally sourced organic materials, ensuring our customers receive the best.

Shane and Audra Fleeman

In 2021, Shane and Audra embarked on a journey to realize their dream of sustainable farming in Dahlonega, Georgia. Their vision was to create an environmentally friendly farm, offering top-quality organic products to their communities. In partnership with Dan and Lauren Draper, Fresh Harvest Farms was born—a vertical farm dedicated to growing gourmet mushrooms and microgreens. With a focus on technological advancements and sustainable practices, they've transformed their dream into a reality, providing year-round crop growth and ensuring consistent quality in every harvest.

Fresh Harvest Farms
Fresh Harvest Farms

Dan and Lauren Draper

Passionate about exploring diverse cuisines and incorporating healthy elements into their diet, Dan and Lauren's journey led them to discover the nutritional wonders of microgreens and gourmet mushrooms. Their partnership with Fresh Harvest Farms allows them to cultivate these nutritious delights while sharing their love for wholesome food with others.

Savor Nature’s Finest

At Fresh Harvest Farms, our commitment to excellence and sustainability drives everything we do. Join us in celebrating nature's bounty and nourishing your body with the freshest, most flavorful produce available. Explore our microgreens now.